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Andres in action

In action, that’s how Andres prefers to spend his time. As an avid football player, it’s not in his nature to sit back and watch the game evolve. This intrinsic motivation to actively participate in the pursuit of a common goal is also what drives him in his professional life.

That is why, five years ago, he stepped aboard a family business in full expansion. Driven by the desire to help customers achieve peak productivity, he started his career as internal Sales Representative for Vertimac Spare Parts. With a healthy portion of curiosity, he quickly grew into an external Account Manager Spare Parts for a significant share of the national and international customer portfolio.

Straight ahead
Today, almost five years later, Andres will exchange the Spare Parts business for the Machinery industry: he will be joining the Vertimac Machines Sales team as Sales Manager. External, because that is what gives him energy. Face-to-face contact with customers and visiting extraordinary locations, that’s what it’s all about for him.

“The establishment of a relationship of trust remains my top priority. With the continued trust management has in my capabilities, I am confident that I will continue to grow, alongside the company.” - Andres

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