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The “verb” of Vertimac

From today onwards, Paolo Donato Renna can be found on the roads of Italy, singing along to his favourite melodies. The position of Account Manager gives him the unique opportunity to combine his two passions: music and the forging of meaningful connections. For him, the key aspect of his job is presenting Vertimac as a committed and reliable partner. Active involvement in the projects of different customers creates a strong relationship of trust.

When Vertimac contacted Paolo, he saw this as a unique opportunity to grow professionally. While his previous work experience enabled him to develop an impressive resume, Vertimac provides him with the opportunity to build a lasting career. He summarises: “I’m doing my dream job in my dream country, for which I am incredibly grateful”.
Moreover, the international atmosphere at Vertimac enables personal growth. The cultural exchange that takes place every day creates a unique ambience in which everyone can learn from one another.

Family business
At its core, Vertimac is a family business. This amiable interconnection can be felt all the way through the organization: supportive collaboration reigns in a healthy work environment. Paolo aims to let this positive atmosphere shine through in every customer visit. Excited to be part of the company’s growth, he hopes that the welcoming family-spirit remains untouched.